Playing with Inspiration


Two new works in mixed media and chalk pastels. Dimensions 30cm x 42cm.


Crossing the Dodder (Oil Pastels)


Day 65.

This is a drawing I did from a photograph I took on my way to someplace. I can’t now recall where I was headed but I know exactly where I took the photo.

Across the Dodder bridge beside Lansdowne Stadium which it will always be to me, as the road bends away I spotted these beautiful flowers growing wild behind the bridge wall.

I love the spot. I love the river, the swans, my friend the heron, the gulls and duck residents. The beautiful old stone wall and the curve of the road as it sweeps away towards Ballsbridge.

I love it because it gives me in my chest the feeling of home.

Whether cycling or sauntering the sense of belonging I get passing through is always the same. Full-bodied and real and so often I’m compelled to voice my appreciation aloud as it reinforces the buzz the way an air punch in victory can.

Its so good to be home.

Mountain King (Oil pastel)


Day 62.

In the hall of the mountain King is a piece of classical music I recall from my childhood. This  imaginative composition fits the memory of that music and the associations that it holds. Myth, majesty and magic Forces of mystery in far away unknowable realms.

Music is a form of magic. Its force is potent and it affects us in unknown ways. It acts as a portal to unfathomable aspects of the human condition indicating that there is  far more to discover and explore.