Modern Primitive


I like my art. I love the feeling I get when my creation reflects and speaks back to me that which I need to hear. It is mysterious and wondrous and words have little place in the process. It is fuel for me to see myself reformed on paper or on canvas and I keep going.

It seems sometimes that I am the main appreciator of my art which could create despondency if I let it.

Instead I continue the magic by breathing life into them and the favour is always returned

Mixed media.


Cave Drawings (felt pen)


Day 73.

Cave drawings sketched swiftly in poor light inside the Pileta Caves on the outskirts of Ronda, Spain.

No photography was permitted sensibly so any capturing of the momentous experience I had to make do with pen and hand. It was an extraordinary experience and the beginning of a renewed interest in antiquities and ancient cultures and their expression.

I regularly get an impulse to carve or paint out my most pressing inner symbols upon the walls of my own cave. I might do it yet. Rip off the paint work to get a raw surface and decorate my quarters with images from the deepest recesses of my psyche.

Its a matter of time really. The urge will one day become strong enough to produce the action. I’ve observed that in most of my doings.

Till then I guess I’ll percolate and allow what comes to float up to the surface.

Are We Alone? (Ceramic)


Day 30.

This is one of my  early pieces of ceramic art. It was inspired by the primitive art of South America. Heavily stylised features, almost brutal in its crude execution large totemic head he is is reminiscent of the Easter Island statues. It has also the quality of a supernatural being as many primitive artworks do. He is large of head and almond-eyed as many aliens represented in film and comic books appear.

It is an embodiment of man in a very basic form. He stands erect with large eyes staring out seeking something in the beyond,something unknown. His hands clutching the sacrum or heart centre.

The subject of our origins and of our earliest ancestors fascinate me. The art that remains of previous civilisations is alive with hidden knowledge and secrets of their existence and their understanding. The awesome mysteries of the universe lie within the sculpture carvings, paintings that they left behind. The human instinct for expression burns bright like a flame.