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Postcard to myself (Pencil)


Day 82.

Sketches of Spain.

Postcards that got written only to languish on the fridge door

Awaiting what, divine intervention?

Full of best intentions until the steam runs out.

You’re missed!

You’re thought of!

Pangs of distance muted in the echo chamber message side.

More fodder for the procrastinators volumes.

Wish you were here, you get the drift

Probably not or subconscious telepathy I underestimate.

Winter (Coloured pencil.)


Day 70.

Tonight I sensed it. Winter coming in. Unannounced but welcome.

I lump them together autumn and winter spring and summer. As they’re less chronologically disparate. More of a side order are spring and autumn. A starter before the main.

I’m excited by the prospect. Tonight’s sky and the silence bode me a fine season ahead.

The cloud diffused moon and the extended snails in the wet street lit pavement drew me back to previous early winter beckonings.

Its almost time for winding down and looking inward. September is kind in these parts buffering the path between lighter and darkening days.

I’m ready.

An Pheacog (Biro and felt pens)


Day 61.

This is one of my work drawings. A product of doodling on the job. Whatever gets me through.

This one was done during my stint in The Oxfam book store in Crouch End, London.

It was a slow day and I was at the till. My mind was alive and alert and needed a channel beyond the circumstances. So I harnessed the energy into a drawing.

Nice and swift and it helped my frustration a great deal.

The trapped feelings that so often accompany my experience of work which involved navigating a path through physical inactivity, the predictable routine of tedious tasks and conversations and the banality and artifice of the environment.  All the wrong ingredients for and INTP like myself. Stifling and dispiriting at the best of times so it helps to have some class of a release button.

Come Away (Felt pen)


Day 59.

Been thinking about all this sharing I’m doing here and am beginning to have some mixed feelings about it. Maybe I’m over stretching myself. Perhaps a hundred was too ambitious… Perhaps I don’t want to share as much as I thought I did. Perhaps it is merely the over the hump stage of hesitation and doubts causing me to reflect on what my objectives and needs are now and if they have changed since I began this project almost two months ago.

I am not too concerned and will be guided by my instincts as they rarely let me down, Irish selkie child that I am.

Thanks for reading.

Crimson and gold (Goache)


Day 58.

I went up to the attic where I had been storing some of my earliest drawings and paintings. It was curious to go through my old sketch books I observed myself feeling a lot less critical towards all of the work seeing strengths and and aptitude in pieces that previously filled me with self condemnation.

A lot of work and a lot of looking. A lot of humour too.

I saw in the work the girl I was at various stages of my youth and the struggles I was facing. So many of the sketches brought a smile to my face. I noticed especially in the life studies that although my technique was crude and my lines often messy and indistinct I often succeeded in capturing the personality of the subject especially noticeable in the studies of close friends and intimates. Within my collection of charcoal sketches I saw a living past that photographs can’t convey.

I’m so glad I still have them and am gladdened at how much I’ve grown and changed since then more importantly how much I’ve stayed the same.

Wolf Studies (charcoal and pastel)


Day 7.

More animals. These are just some rough sketches I made of a wolf. I was interested in studying the basic shapes and forms that make a wolf, looking at it from various angles and actions. I used images from the internet to get a very basic idea. It is more of an impression than a study . The decision to add the moon and some blue was an after thought . It is a very rough bunch of sketches but it has some energy to it.

I hope it to use it to work from at a later date as I like the subject of the wolf for some of the following reasons they are mysterious, nocturnal and they have a strong association with the moon. When I think of it I will attempt more detailed sketches to familiarise myself better with the anatomy of this wondrous beast.

As you can see It is a messy sketch  full of smudges. I find it hard to keep my drawings clean and even more so with charcoal as it requires some care and precision which I have yet to master. I will make a point to practice in charcoal to improve my handling of it hopefully in the coming days.