Rude Awakening


Mixed media on pastel paper.  A3 size.

I have had several of these in my lifetime. I always manage to turn them around.



The Subterranean


Day 15.

Yesterday I got confused and mistook it for my fifteenth day. I guess that can happen when I alone am counting!

In keeping with the last couple of posts todays’ work is another painting in acrylics from my time in Malaga.

It is in landscape format with the appearance of being a triptych. This is due to the folds in the cardboard which works nicely as it breaks the picture into its natural thirds.

It is wholly an imaginative piece which sprang quite spontaneously from my subconscious. The creature in the centre section emerges from the swampy murk into a clearing. He is at the halfway point looking towards an opening. It has metamorphic qualities. It is a theme I dwell on a lot  and constantly seek out material that explore it in my reading and film choices. Unsurprisingly Kafka‘s Metamorphosis and other stories is one I often return to along with such David Cronenburg works as The Fly and his masterpiece Naked Lunch. What maybe my all time favourite film An American Werewolf in London is also about major transformational happenings of a very dark order.

I have another blog which is largely about style. It too concerns our ever changing selves  how we shed and acquire new plumages and skins and the fun we enjoy in doing it. It worth a peep I promise Suzieperon’s blog.

In my painting entitled The Subterranean the creature appears to have a white layer as an outer skin or coat and also a  red, his new underbody. He is shedding this outer layer as he moves from darkness towards light. Up from the ground and out of the depths he curves all wormlike.

As he faces into the right of the image the murkiness still hangs above but there is space and and light and perhaps even order on the horizon.

I am delighted with this piece. It rings so very true of myself. The composition and the colours reflect what I was unknowingly expressing and that brings me into balance somehow. It is a mirror of my unconscious. It has a strong story.

The colours are very muddied which is down to the poor quality of the paint applied on to a very absorbent brown cardboard. It really is not a great canvas for mixing paint on but in this instance I personally feel the work suffers very little for it.