Female form (Charcoal)


Day 41.

This study was done at a life class in London where we were instructed in seeing the affect of light across a rounded form. It was very instructional. The central lesson was to see how it appeared as light, shade and reflected light. Three different degrees of intensity of light are visible when a light source hits a curved surface.

The tutor demonstrated firstly with a curved piece of card. Using a single light directed at angle to the side of the curve he showed the break down into the described portions.

It was difficult to grasp using only a two dimensional curved surface but it was much more apparent when we got to see the effect on the female model.

Having watched him do a demonstration drawing we were then let proceed and this is how mine turned out. I do think I achieved a sculptural quality in my attempt.

It was a new learning experience for me. The basic explanation of a scientific principle was helpful in opening up for me a new way of studying form. To see things as curving towards or away from light and how to recreate that in two dimensional drawing.

I had carefully taped up my edges but blurring occurred which meant the contrast between sharp border and soft curves suffered. Working in charcoal was also a challenge. I found it difficult to keep the white areas clean.


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